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Fishing holidays in Corsica: rivers and lakes within easy reach of your gîte

Fishing holidays in Corsica: rivers and lakes within easy reach of your gîte


Gîte ideal for fishing holidays in Corsica

For keen fisher folk and all lovers of the riverside, Gîtes de France has accommodation less than 10km from river fishing reaches. Tackle is locally available for your fishing holiday in Corsica. Opportunities available on the East coast or further in land. Click to find out more about the selection of fishing gîtes in Corsica, close to Ghisoni and Aléria. Reserve accommodation now!

Lakes rich in fish against a dream natural backdrop

Corsicaboasts no less than 45 lakes at high altitude. They are richly stocked in fario trout and freshwater salmon. Both species swim down mountain streams from pool to pool. The environment is heady with the scent of alders, gorgeously shaded under over-arching beech trees and sumptuous Lariccio pines. The rushing waters upstream slow into crystal clear pools, before the river more lazily weaves its way into bright blue Mediterranean.
The primeval trout species here date back tens of millions of years. The local trout, known as %u201Cdomestic,%u201D date back only 15,000 years. Many other species are found in profusion. Fish often grow to a considerable size. There are plenty of opportunities, both for the energetic fly-fishermen luring the trout in fast-flowing water up stream, and for those who sit placidly watching their float in the slow-moving pools downstream! 

Reserve your fishing gîte in Corsica online now

Find out more about our lakes and rivers. Come to Corsica with your family! Share the pleasures of fishing. Consult us for how to buy your annual fishing licenses from local stores or from associations of fisher folk in Corsica.
Reserve your fishing gîte in Corsica online now! Make an early booking to be sure you get to the best places to fish from on finest reaches of river bank or lakeside! 

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