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Legal mentions


Rights of intellectual property, responsability of surfers on the web, responsabilities of publisher and so on;
you will find below all the information you need about the Gîtes Corsica legal notice

Website is owned by EURL GITES DE FRANCE CORSE.

Identification of publisher
The publisher of is EURL GITES DE FRANCE CORSE
77 cours Napoléon - 20000 Ajaccio
Tel.: 04 95 10 54 30 - Fax: 04 95 10 54 38 - E-mail:

Legal form: EURL Gîtes de France Service Corse, Capital €8000, RCS No. B 401 850 474,
EUVAT No.: FR 29401850474,
APE code: 7911 Z
Property Management accreditation card G101,
Travel agent registration number IMO2A100008
Insured by: AXA FRANCE (PARIS)
Legal representative: Dominique COLONNA D'ISTRIA
Director of publication: Dominique COLONNA D'ISTRIA

Identification of Website host
Itea - Nantes

Use of site
The purpose of is to help users discover the Gites de France Corse offer of products and services and assist you in searching for them in the context of the rental of accommodation by  Gîtes de France®. Any use of this Website in a manner that is fraudulent or infringes the requirements, obligations and duties set out herein may entail on the part of EURL Gites de France Corse prohibition of access to any time to the services proposed on this Website.

Responsibilities of publisher
The publication of online information is governed by the same legal rules as standard book or newspaper publishing. The content of the Website is governed by law therby conferring on readers a number of rights and duties. The Website publisher undertakes scrupulously to comply with the editorial rules in force to wit:
- Right to publicize on its Website the content proposed,
- To the best of its ability, check the validity of the information conveyed to the public. Nevertheless, despite best effort, errors or emissions independent of the will of the publisher of this site may occur.
- Authorize readers to print all or part of the content proposed on this Website provided such printed material is for strictly personal use.
Promotional offers in general including those published under the sections %u201Cpromotions%u201D, %u201Cideas of where to stay%u201D, and %u201Cwhat's new%u201D and similar promotions, are valid only subject to availability. Availability is governed by the partners with whom we work and who are responsible for the aforementioned promotional offers.

Responsibility of surfers on the Web
Users and readers of the site commit for their part to comply with the rules of intellectual property governing the various contents proposed on the Website, namely:
- Commit not, unless they have received prior consent of publisher, to reproduce, summarize, modify, alter or re-diffuse any article, title, application, software, logo, brand name, information or illustration, or make any use thereof for any other purpose than which is strictly private, it being clearly understood that the foregoing includes and entails commitment to refrain from and not engage in any and all reproduction of whatsoever kind for professional purposes or for mass diffusion.

- Commit not to copy this Website in whole or in part to another Website or to the user's own internal electronic network. Any breach of the above obligations, which are mandatory, shall entail the criminal and civil penalties provided for under law as applicable to all persons found in breach of the law and the terms and conditions contained herein and to all persons directly or indirectly responsible for said breaches of the law or terms and conditions contained herein.

Rights of intellectual property
The names and logos Gîtes de France®, Charmance®, Pré Vert® and Tourisme Vert® are registered trademarks. The Websites and are protected by the laws governing intellectual property. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce both the form and content of said Websites and abovementioned names including and whether in whole or in part. All forms of reproduction thereof are prohibited except by express consent of the publisher.

Use of French language Application of the law of France as governing law
Pursuant to law 94-665 of 04 August 1994, the offers presented on this Website are intended for French customers and are drafted in the French language. Commercial translations in foreign languages may however be available.
In the event of any doubt as to which language version to adopt the French language version shall take precedence over any and all commercial translations drafted in any other language.
The content of this Website is governed by French law that shall extend to and govern all matters of determination of legal competency and jurisdiction.

Protection of personal data of Web users  CNIL declaration
Some elements of data collected through the site are subject to electronic processing intended for the management of the files of customers and projects, giving rise to an obligation to declare to the CNIL, number 1272233.
The recipient of said data is EURL Gites de France Corse. Pursuant to the Loi Informatique et Libertés (Law on Information Technology and Freedoms) of 06 January 1978, owners of personal data so collected have a right of access at all times to correction of or deletion thereof.
If you wish to exercise this right, simply write or make a request by email on
The data entered on the data entry form displayed in this Website remain confidential to Eurl Gites de France Corse. Pursuant to the above mentioned law, the information collected shall not be kept for any time longer than is required for the purposes remain in being for which data have been kept and processed .

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