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The Fesch museum, the Palace of Fine Arts in Ajaccio

The Fesch museum, the Palace of Fine Arts in Ajaccio


Are you interested in Italian art and painting? How about making the most of your stay in Corsica and your holidays in Ajaccio to visit the Fesch museum, Palace of Fine Arts in Ajaccio to admire the second most important collection of Italian paintings in France?
With Italian paintings dating from the 14th to the 18th century and works by Boticelli, TItien, Michelangelo and others, the Fesch museum in Ajaccio and its collections will amaze young and old!

In Ajaccio

It is in the heart of the Palais Fesch, in the pedestrian street of the same name that the Fesch museum is located, the Palace of Fine Arts in Ajaccio.
Completely renovated to provide greater comfort to visitors, the Fesch museum now benefits from the 'Musée de France' label, an appellation closely correlated with its growing reputation. And for good reason, after the Louvre museum in Paris, the Fesch museum, Palace of Fine Arts houses the second most important collection of Italian paintings.

On the program, through the different rooms available to visitors: Corsican painters, the Napoleonic collection bringing together various souvenirs (earthenware, pipes, statuettes, portraits) bearing the image of the imperial family and of course, Italian painting bringing together all Italian schools between the 14th and 18th centuries.
Among the paintings exhibited in the Fesch museum, it is important to mention Boticelli, Titien, Michelangelo and many others.

The wealth of Ajaccio’s Palace of Fine Arts is above all the work of Cardinal Joseph Fesch. The latter was the maternal uncle of Napoleon, the Archbishop of Lyon but above all a great lover of art and an enlightened patron.
Eager to build an Institute of Sciences and Arts in Ajaccio, he bequeathed to the city a thousand paintings belonging to his collection.

Leaving the Fesch Museum, visitors can take a tour of the south wing of the museum to visit the imperial chapel where Cardinal Fesch, Napoleon's uncle, and many other members of the imperial family rest.
On the north side, it is the heritage library and its 50,000 works, including more than 8,000 bequeathed once again by Cardinal Fesch, which welcomes the curious.

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