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Evening meal and guesthouses in Corsica

Evening meal and guesthouses in Corsica


During your vacation in Corsica you're willing to discover Corsican gastronomy from another angle? What about staying in a guesthouse or a bed and breakfast with a table d'hôtes in Corsica? On the menu, your hosts will offer you Corsican specialties such as figatellu, brocciu or even Corsican cold cuts!

Guestrooms for delightful breakfasts, midday and evening meals!

Guesthouses are Bed & Breakfast in Corsica. But the meals available don't stop at breakfast!
Lunch or evening meals can be provided. Enjoy an exciting, gastronomic experience!

Discover Corsican speciality cooking in the home. When you book a guesthouse on our website, simply add the options for the midday or evening meals that suit you!

Your hosts will prepare traditional Corsican cuisine using delicious local ingredients.

Corsican mountains for connoisseurs of cheese and ham

Up in the mountains, you'll have the appetite for hearty and traditional Corsican fare. A firm favourite is dried meats or charcuterie.
Other specialities are locally grown chestnuts and goat or sheep cheese.

After a long day out rambling what could be better than to relax on return with a glass of myrtle wine?
To get a glimpse of the rich and varied local fare, your hosts can provide you full or half board. Just click on table d'hôtes Corsica! The choice is yours, figatelli, lonzo, coppa or brocciu, polenta, and delicious cakes and pastries made from chestnut flour. 

Corsican seaside for the finest shellfish

Corsica is a land of sea and mountains, a place of contrasts that find their way onto your plate.
In the mountains, breakfast is served before you set out for the day. You'll want hearty local fare to come back to at night.

Down by beaches, be tempted by the seafood. Aziminu the local fish soup is the Corsican variety of bouillabaisse. Try brandade de morue au brocciu (a succulent mash of cod, potatoes and brocciu) or the delightful, fresh-fished rougets, anchovies and sardines.

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