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Ecogîte® quality standard for environmentally friendly Corsican holiday villas

Ecogîte® quality standard for environmentally friendly Corsican holiday villas


Do you favor responsible tourism that respects the environment? At Gîtes de France, with our Ecogîte® label, we offer you holidays with an environmental quality label where natural resources are preserved and the use of natural, recyclable and healthy materials is highlighted!

Gîtes de France, leaders in responsible tourism.

At Gites Corsica, we are convinced that the future lies in sustainable tourism, and we seek to be leaders in responsible tourism. 

We stand for respecting natural resources, using renewable energy, making energy savings and employing recyclable and sustainable materials.  That’s why we’ve created the Ecogîte® quality standard, which had been achieved by a number of environmentally friendly Corsica holiday villas, as a practical contribution to preserving the environment.

Learn about our Ecogîte® Corsica holiday villas

Ecogîte status is awarded to those Corsica holiday villas, bed and breakfasts, and other tourist accommodation that have not only achieved Gîtes Corsica accreditation, but have also been designed to meet an extremely strict set of specifications. The aim is to reduce significantly the overall environmental impact of the building and its design.

Specifications for our Ecogîte® Corsican holiday villas include the following:

  • Buildings must blend into the landscape and reflect the local cultural heritage.
  • Use of locally sourced and healthy materials.
  • Energy management (responsible, modest consumption and production).
  • Sound management of water and waste.
  • Information, awareness raising and monitoring environmental performance.

Ecogîte® Environmental Quality certification has important and positive spin-offs:

  • For owners, cost savings in water and energy,
  • For guests, carefully designed and comfortable accommodation, knowing that materials are selected with the protection of nature and personal well-being in mind.
  • For all of us, the assurance that the environment is respected, both at local and global levels.
  • And last but not least, raising awareness and circulating information about environmental concerns and eco-friendly construction techniques.

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