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Environmentally friendly Corsica villa holidays and holiday homes in Corsica

Environmentally friendly Corsica villa holidays and holiday homes in Corsica


Gîtes Corsica presents the innovative and environmentally friendly Ecogite®

If you prefer a green lifestyle, there's no need to leave your principles at home when you go on holiday with Gites Corsica: discover our environmentally friendly Corsica villa holidays! Gites Corsica has created Ecogîte®, an innovative accreditation awarded to environmentally responsible holiday homes in Corsica.

Among the very first Corsica villa holidays to receive the Ecogîte® certification are the two holiday homes in Corsica owned by Mr and Mrs PAUL-STEFANI. Their properties in Calcatoggio, Southern Corsica, are set in an idyllic beachside environment and offer glorious sea-views. Jacques PAUL-STEFANI explains the values that motivated their choice to create environmentally friendly holiday homes in Corsica : We're close to nature and do our best to care for the environment.

For years, we've been trying to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into our day-to-day life, such as sorting waste, saving water and energy, and using solar power to heat water. So when we decided to build 2 gîtes to offer Corsica villa holidays , we wanted to ensure that we could combine high environmental standards with high standards of comfort.

So we did everything possible to ensure that both the inside and outside, everything from the interior design and household fittings, through to the rock garden dedicated to local plants, should remind our guests of the importance we attach to the environment. The Ecogîte® environmental quality label awarded by Gîtes de France helped us to design every aspect of our eco-friendly holiday homes in Corsica carefully, right down to the smallest detail.

Concern for the planet is important. But for us, environmental concern starts at home, and we're proud that this is reflected in the Corsica villa holidays we offer.

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