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Bonifacio, Southern Corsica

Bonifacio, Southern Corsica


Are you dreaming of holiday in Corsica? What about staying in the Bonifacio region in South-Corsica? Erected on limestone cliffs, the town of Bonifacio is a real marvel. With its breathtaking landscapes and its many nautical activities nearby Bonifacio will delight young and old!

To see Bonifacio is to see a marvel as French writer René Bazin famously wrote. He was powerless (he said) to describe the emotion he felt in this extraordinary city.
Built high up on limestone cliffs, the town dates back thousands of years. Ancient as it is, historians are unwilling to accredit the legend of its foundation in South Corsica by Pope Boniface II in the VIth century.

The Genoese who conquered this part of Corsica in the XIth century strongly fortified Bonifacio, so that its region became independent and struck its own coinage.
Hence the old town that still stands proud with its narrow streets that have survived countless sieges. Ulysses, according to Homer writing 2,000 years ago, was unable to set foot ashore here. The marina nestling under the high cliffs extends deep into a 1,600 metre long fjord only some 100 to 150 metres wide, running below the Genoa Gate.

Bonifacio was for many years a garrison town, and the citadel fronted Sardinia only 17 km away.
Another curious fact concerns the stairs of the King of Aragon. According to legend, its 187 steps were cut into the living rock in a single night. But all in vain, as the Spaniards were unable to overrun the town.

To fully enjoy Bonifacio and its clifffs, what would you think about booking a bed and breakfast or a holiday rental in Bonifacio and its region?

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