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Travelling to Corsica

Travelling to Corsica


You'd like to go to Corsica and organize your trip to go there? Gîtes Corsica help you plan your trip in Corsica.
Booking your plane or boat ticket, booking your holiday rental in Corsica, Gîtes Corsica is the best guide to help you discover the region. Whether you prefer discovering its landscapes or going to the small villages!

Organising travel in Corsica: a land of outstanding beauty

Travelling to Corsica is a dream. And it's so easy to make true!
Simply take a plane from most airports in mainland France or ferries from Nice or Marseille. The Island of Beauty awaits you within hours.

Travelling to Corsica: planning your trip

Of course you want to go to Corsica, but you need to plan your travel and ensure you can reserve your accommodation with full peace of mind.

Advance booking is a must in summer. Travelling to Corsica is something to be carefully prepared, so you get the best from your stay in the island.

Depending on the travel and routes you've chosen, you'll select the most suitable accommodation, from rental to bed and breakfast or campsites.

Travelling to Corsica: immersion in island traditions

Travelling to Corsica means glorious landscapes. And that's no bad reason to go!

Because the tourist sites are utterly amazing. You knew that. But you can do more. You can go deeper into the cultural influences that have made this island what it is today, built up by generations of workers of the land, of architects and stone masons, builders of charming villages and houses.
Those who live in them today, your hosts, are ready to tell you the stories of their island past as you gather round the table for supper in the evening.

Travelling in Corsica

There are two Corsicas. There's the Corsica of the beaches. But there's another more secret and more subtle Corsica, full of inner meaning. It's a state of mind, the repository of an age old culture.

But and this is the island miracle there's never a shadow of conflict between the two Corsicas. The invitation is open! Enjoy one, or the other, or both Corsicas to the full.

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