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Edible Chestnut Festival at Evisa in Corsica

Edible Chestnut Festival at Evisa in Corsica


During your stay in Corsica, and more particularly on the West Coast, you'd like to discover an emblematic Corsican product, such as the chestnut? During your holidays in Corsica, for a weekend, the Evisa chestnut festival celebrates Corsican chestnut as well as Corsican producers and craftsmen


The Day of the Chestnut at Evisa a ghjurnata di a castagna.

Edible chestnuts from Evisa are particularly succulent and distinctively different from other varieties. They have little or no inner skin after the outer husk has been peeled off.

A thousand and one ways to prepare chestnuts

There are so many delicious ways to prepare eating chestnuts in sweet or savoury recipes.
The simplest according to some best is to roast them over an open fire. They split open in the heat to deliver their warm, succulent flesh at its finger-licking best.

Or they can be boiled and peeled to make into luscious chestnut puree.  

This can be eaten alone or in combination with a multitude of ingredients, to produce stuffing and other recipes. Eating chestnuts can also be made into jam, mousse and chestnut log, not to mention chestnut and chocolate fondant, pies and other delicious sweets ...
Savoury recipes for chestnuts are just as wonderful. For chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, capon or duck, chestnut is ideal as an accompaniment or stuffing for the roasted bird.

Gîtes and B&B chambres d'hôtes around Evisa

For holidays in Corsica and delightful accommodation close to the Chestnut Festival, book a gîte or a bed and breakfast in Evisa.

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