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Walks and trekking in the Balagne region

Walks and trekking in the Balagne region


Walking and hiking

Do you want to go on holiday near Calvi, in the Balagne region? How about discovering some walks and hikes accessible to all to practice in Balagne and the Calvi region?


Giunssani lies at the far South-East of the Balagne region and its peaks tower over the Tartagine river valley.
Leave Ile Rousse in the direction of Lozari by the N1197 road for 8 km.

Turn off on the N197 towards Belgodere. Go on to Palasca and its parish church.

Continue on to Palasca, then take D963 to Olmi Cappella.

 Go on to Pioggiola and then Speluncato taking the D63.

Return to starting point through Costa, Belgodere and Lozari.


The beautiful old villages on the Balagne region are no longer empty relics of the past, but are rejuvenated by local craftsmen, who maintain historical traditions for the joy of modern visitors.

From Ile-Rousse, take D151 to Corbara, crossing Pigna  and its Church of the Immaculate Conception, originally built in Romanesque style.

At Cateri, take the D71 to Muro.
There are a number of interesting villages on the way to Belgodère (ruins of the convent of Madunuccia, Château de Malaspina).

At Belgodere, take the former N197 in the direction of the sea on your way to Ile Rousse.

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