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Grand Valinco

Grand Valinco

GREATER VALINCO is made up of the regions of TARAVO and SARTENE in the South West of Corsica.  From the high mountain valley down to the lower TARAVO plain giving on to the gulf of VALINCO, the countryside and its vegetation are layered by altitude and varied by their distance from the sea.

The valley bottom is fresh and green, under a canopy of oaks, chestnut groves and arbutus. Here there are spa springs, fine beaches and exciting possibilities for leisure activities (rock climbing, freshwater fishing, horse riding and other excursions).

Further to the South, SARTENE is the most Corsican of the Corsican cities. It dominates the RIZZANESE and BARACCI basins, and rises over the gulf of VALINCO circled with Genoese watch towers and the seaside resorts of PROPRIANO. All around are magnificent old villages and their original architecture. Hundred year old olive groves stand midway up the mountains which tower over the sea.

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