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Grand Ajaccio - Information and locations

Grand Ajaccio

AJACCIO is rightly famed for its setting on the edges of a superb 17 km wide bay against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains. This immense lake-like expanse of sea is bordered by beautiful beaches, inlets and creeks.
The bay is at its beautiful best at dawn, when blue haze gently blurs the mountains and crags. It is deeply moving at dusk, as shimmering reflections and colours briefly flare in the sunset before subsiding into night. Ajaccio itself stretches up and away from its delightful harbour and charming, brightly coloured boats. Traditional fishermen still sit on the quayside mending their nets, below the watchful eye of the towering citadel.
The steeply rising façades of Old Ajaccio provide a kaleidoscope of greys, yellows, verging on gentle ochre and delicate pink, bright with colour if newly painted, exquisitely harmonious and faded, if not.. This is not %u201CAjaccio la blanche%u201D (Ajaccio the White), as the tourist guides and  brochures would have us believe, but a painter's palette of intermingled colours!

To the North the CINARCA is dotted with charming villages, in a landscape of terraced olive groves, nut trees, almond trees, fig trees and cedars. In the distance the rocky peaks and the hilly folds of maquis scrubland.
Further to the West, the GRAVONA region is devoted to agriculture (corn, vineyards and the cultivation of cattle fodder), and a centre for livestock breeding.

Finally PRUNELLI is bisected by the small river from which it takes its name. To either side, there are chestnut groves and apple orchards, interspersed with a few vineyards in the hills.


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