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The Côte Orientale

The Côte Orientale

The Côte Orientale

The Côte Orientale features many busy coastal resorts that stretch out along the fine sand beaches.

To the South, the village of ALERIA boasts an old fortress dominating and protecting the agricultural plains. It is named after a place of great importance in ancient times whose architectural remains are still visible in the surrounding area.

For more than 25 centuries ALERIA symbolized Corsica.

It was a maritime harbour, a colonial centre and capital city, the point from which Christianity radiated outwards to the unbelieving tribes. First Greek, then Roman, it was the main city on the island until destroyed by the Vandal invasions.  The Museum and extensive archaeological excavations have brought to light the role played by ALERIA in the past.

Nearby, Ghisoni has many delightful attractions, among them lakes, walking paths, mountain streams and forests.

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By booking on this website, you contribute to the heritage conservation and favor the local economy

A quality label

The guarantee of a 60 year label which is guaranteeing the quality and the inspection of the accommodations. They are regularly visited by a local team and respond to the standards in effect and to a national charter.

Multiple choices

More than 1 350 holiday rentals, all unique and comfortably furnished so as to you might feel like home. They are located everywhere in Corsica : by the sea, in the mountains, by the countryside, in the village or in town, ...

A service close to you

A team of 5 trip advisors, all Corsican specialists, based in Ajaccio is ready to help you from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m to 6 p.m.
They have one goal : your satisfaction.

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Your search for accommodation is simple, quick and customized. Our travel agency services are made to measure and your booking is supervised before, during and after your stay.

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An instant message conversation during our opening hours, on all our website pages so as to provide you live answers to your questions, at each step of your browsing

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An immediate confirmation of your booking. A customer secure zone is dedicated so as to run your booking and take contact with the Booking Service

A friendly welcome

On your arrival day, you would be warmly welcomed by the owner, who would act as a real region ambassador. He would be able to provide you information and piece of advice for a stay out of the beaten tracks.

An optimum insurance

A cancellation insurance and assistance is specially created so as to meet all your needs, with multiple guarantees before your departure, during your trip and your stay, and after your vacation.

Real reviews

So far, thanks to a secure system, more than 13 000 reviews, 100% authentic can only be ventured by the tenants of the accommodations.

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A telephone helpline is at your disposal on Saturday afternoon if you need help or any assistance on your arrival day

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