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Central Corsica

Centre Corse

CENTRAL CORSICA is the geographical heart of the island, a vast region filled with lakes and any number of %u201Ccircuses%u201D produced by the advance of the glaciers in the last ice-age. As the climate warmed, the glaciers melted and left huge pointed pinnacles of rock and some of Corsica's highest peaks (Rotondo, Cinto, Monte d'Oro).

This central region, home to the Nature Park of Corsica, features the most fascinating long distance footpaths. These take you through the Laricio pine forests, oak and chestnut groves, past trout fishing streams and rushing white water courses where kayaking is a delight. Among the many rivers, the most notable are the Golo and Tavignano. Corte in the XIXth century was the historical capital of Corsica.

CASTAGNICCIA is the region extending from Fium'altu to Alesani, a medium altitude mountain range dominated by the 1,766 metre high San Petrone peak. Castagniccia, the region of the castagna or eating chestnut, is central both to the island and its history. As such, it is also known as the Valley of the Lords. Chestnut cultivation is the firmly surviving tradition of the past, and covers across thousands of acres. This is a region of extraordinarily charming small villages, typical of which is Croce.

The region known as Arbre à Pain de la Corse comprises the mountain range of schist rocks separating Costa Serena from the Corte region. It is bordered to the North and West by the Golo river, to the South by the Bravone, and to the East by the sea.

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