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Gites Corsica has an exceptional range of quality accommodation in or near Calvi, Corsica , and throughout the Balagne region, including welcoming B&Bs, stopover gites and comfortable villas.

Set on Corsica's north-western coast, the Balagne region is known for its rugged, wild environment, and has a history of stubborn independence. Open to the sea to the west, Balagne is closed off to the east by a range of imposing mountain peaks, while to the north-east and south of the region are wild and virtually uninhabited areas. Thus set apart from the rest of Corsica, and in contrast to Corsica generally, the Balagne region is a haven, its countryside peaceful and serene. Gites Corsica villas in Balagne are therefore ideal for relaxation! Additional peace of mind comes from knowing that all our Corsica villas are carefully selected for their comfort and all are regularly inspected to ensure that they continue to meet our high, nationally determined standards.

The outstandingly beautiful white sand beaches of Calvi, Corsica , stand at the edge of crystal clear, turquoise-hued waters. Vineyards and olive groves cloak the peaceful, rolling countryside of the Balagne region in a mantel of green, giving it the appearance of a delightful garden. Stay in one of our Corsica villas and take the time to explore the rich natural beauty of the valley. Three exceptionally fine villages, now conservation heritage sites, look proudly over the valley of the Ostriconi river as it winds its way down to the virgin sand dunes of the unspoilt coastlines.

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