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Grand Bastia

Grand Bastia

Gites Corsica invites you to discover the many delights of Greater Bastia, Corsica , when you book a Corsica villa or Corsica apartments on the Cap Corse peninsula. Located at the northern tip of the island, the Cap Corse peninsula is a mountainous backbone of schist rock, some 10km wide and extending 40km out into the sea. Staying in Gites Corsica apartments or villa accommodation in Bastia, Corsica , will give you access to all the wonders of Cap Corse. Follow the magnificent coast road for an unforgettable journey around picturesque pebble beaches, tiny harbours set in rocky inlets, and coves nestled among the jagged rocks of this beautiful coastline.

To the west of Bastia, Corsica , is the Nebbio, where the sedimentary basin of the Aliso river is surrounded by hills and mountains rising as high as 1,500 meters. Vine-clad hills and olive groves are everywhere: the wines from Patrimonio are rightly celebrated, Muscatel being a speciality, while the olive groves produce both oil and wood which is worked by the local handicraft industry.

To the south lies Marana, where extensive beaches of fine sand border the lagoon. Further on, Casinca boasts picturesque hamlets, where the houses are perched high in the hills amid olive and chestnut trees, and often boasts roofs clad with flat stone tiles (lauzes).

Wherever you choose to stay in Greater Bastia, Corsica , don't forget that Bastia itself merits much more than a passing visit! The busy Saint Nicolas square, edged with plane trees and palms, is a central, friendly and bustling gathering point for the locals. Lovers of ecclesiastical history should not miss the opportunity to visit the city's many baroque churches, which offer a magnificent contrast between the purple and gold of the trompe-l'oeil paintings and the fine, pale white of the marble sculptures.

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